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Thomas needs your help

Thomas needs laser surgery that I cannot afford. Please consider helping us by checking out our website:

If you cant' afford to help us, then please at least help spread the word.

Many thanks,

Cats and contemplations

Bad news:
Caliban has begun to click when he walks. And no, it is not his overly large nails that never get shorter no matter how much I trim them. It seems to be coming from his right leg. Then he started favoring that leg. X-rays revealed nothing. The Dr. decided to start him on a series of injections of high doses of Glucosamines. Fast forward a month. Caliban broke out in a nasty weltering rash on his abdomen and ears. They almost look like burns. The only changes in his life are new wool beds, the injections, and a food change. Dr. decided to try a multiple approach in treating this. In other words, three kinds of medication. One of them is a spray, which is his new enemy. BTW, he is only 8 years old.

Good news:
Caliban's rash is improving, and as the meds are backed off, there are been no reccurences. *knocks on wood* And the injections seem to be making him more comfortable.
Thomas had his annual check up today. *drum roll* His Grade IV Heart Murmur, is down to a Grade I/II! And his new Dr. didn't believe he was ever Feral! He was oh so good for his exam (even arched into the Dr.'s hand) did shake mildly for his Blood Pressure check, but was an all around good kid. Most domestic cats don't behave that well! *Glee!*

If you were to put B'ham in a box, what would you put in it? I mean actual items. Nothing living please. Suggestions?

Oct. 29th, 2008

Copy this sentence into your LiveJournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage/relationship (or if you think you might be someday), and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

This is really neat. I wish more kids had guts like these two...

Meme: What time am I?


WTF? 94 degrees!?

To Whom it May Concern:

This is Bellingham. 80 degrees Fahrenheit should be the hottest it gets here ever. Ya hear me! No hotter than that. 80 is only acceptable on occasion. A "special event" if you will. Please, no more record breaking temps. Okay? 90 is unacceptable. 94 even more so. So KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Thank you,
Nuin Stonewater

PS If you wish to make up for your transgression, a snow flurry would be a good idea right about now.


Now that I know of a swimming hole that tends to have few people (especially very few children). Surrounded by tree covered hill sides, no plants growing from the bottom (yick), and lots of really deep water, I am swimming a lot more!

I went out about 8pm, no one was there (bad idea to swim alone, I know) I almost turned around and left. It is a good idea to have someone around while swimming, plus it was getting cold out quickly, and the wind was coming up. I went anyways. I think I am finally toughening up to the cold water. I did not go through a major adjustment time where it is hard to move.

Yesterday I swam out to the second buoy and back. A decent length. I was out of breath at the end, but okay. Today I swam out to the second buoy and back twice. Had to sit in the water next to shore a bit before I had enough breath to climb out. The waves were actually forming crests, and were quite fun to ride up and down. I would say the swell was at least a foot high. Maybe higher. The walk back up the hill to the car was slow with many pauses to catch my breath. However I don't feel sore or tired. Just...mmm... how to put it... Languorous? Yes, languorous. I feel good. Though my legs let me know how tired they were when I had to climb the steps home. Living on the thrid floor means lots of steps.

Tommorrow I need to clean stables, I received the okay from B to come really early to avoid the heat. I think I will take my swimsuit with me to the stables. Then I can go to the lake afterwards and cool off. *grin*

For an Earth, I sure am attracted to water.

I spoke too soon.

I still am without internet. Mostly because I am now without a functioning computer. It won't start up. Just beeps at me. *blaqh*

So if you NEED to get a hold of me, call. Cause who knows when I will have access to internet.

Woot! Internet access!!!

My computer has been a putz in regards to getting hooked up to the internet.  Bah Humbug!

I have only had sporadic access to the internet at work due to how hectic things have been there.

Let me sum up the last month and a half:
I moved, and am still unpacking. Balqh.
My computer was updated, ate my music files and would only see itself as the internet network, which it is not.
The Office Manager took a lot of time off for surgery and recovery. Recovery has been very rocky for her and prolonged. She is finally back to work very part time. She is doing better day by day.
The other office/receptionist was hospitalized for her heart.
The rest of us at work had to try and pick up the pieces of the office people. We don't know much about that part of work.
Pet Food Recall during the above = nightmare. I no longer want to hear the words "wheat gluten" ever again.

All this lead to lots of overtime, little to no lunch breaks, and falling out of communication with many. Despite the stress and exhaustion I stayed fairly level and happy during this time. Many thanks to those who were supportive during this time. I know I was not making much sense, but everyone was very sweet. Thank you.

Catch up on lj? Um... not likely. I rapidly scanned stuff. If you would like me to be aware of something, or share something specifically that may have been missed in the rapid, spastic scan. E-mail me or comment here.

Now to catch up on internet comics...

PS Promising computer people chocolate chip cookies works wonders on computers. I have internet and my  music back!